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Health talks for Organizations is an option to quickly raise awareness on first aid and health for the well-being of all in the the workplace. Call us on 08177321761 so we can see how we can be of service. (We also have our package for schools, click here for details)

The preferred option of educating everyone would be a training and practical class on first aid spanning at least one full day and some workplaces do this for their employees. Other times, a Health & Safety Week may be organized and a health talk, first aid talk or first aid demonstration may be necessary.

The type of option determines the curriculum, duration and cost. We only issue certificates for Emergency First Aid for the Workplace/First Aid for Adults.

The general knowledge package uses less equipment and consumables and has a shorter duration unlike the Certification courses  which are usually all day (8 hour) classes that requires a variety of assessments especially a test at the end of the course before a certificate of completion is given from our organization, First Aid by Levande & Levande Healthcare.

1. First Aid Talk

a) SafetyFirst Aid Talks for Organizations in Lagos
b) CPR
c) Choking
d) Minor and Major bleeding
e) Heart attack
f) Seizures
g) Stroke
h) The First Aid Box
i) Emergency Action Plan

Time: 2 hrs

a) 2 adult manikins
b) Face shields
c) Anti-choke vest
d) Mats
e) Projector & Screen

Since it’s a talk, we will be able to get through a lot of material. We will demonstrate CPR & choking but no practicals by participants.

Cost: N75, 000

2. First Aid Demonstration

CurriculumHealth Talk for Organizations in Lagos
a) Safety
b) CPR
c) Choking
d) The First Aid Box
e) Emergency Action Plan

Time: 2 – 3hrs

a) 3 adult manikin
b) 2 AEDs
c) Face shields
d) Anti-choke vests
e) Mats
f) Projector & Screen

Since it’s a mini-practical class and everyone has to participate, we will not be able to get through a lot. If time permits and people are willing to stay on, we can do more as stated in (1) above with or without practicals on bleeding.

Cost: N150,000

3. Health Talk

The topic is usually requested by the organizers and we use the time allotted to deliver the talk. It could be a presentation, a workshop , a panel discussion for teachers and/or parents.

Time: on request

Cost: N75,000

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