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Learning First Aid online via blended learning (both online and physical) is an effective way to learn first aid without diminishing your knowledge and skill acquisition.

Having physical classes is essential for for thorough learnings and for certification, but beginning the learning of CPR & First Aid online reduces the number of hours in a class (especially in this COVID-19 era). This is because you will have gotten and understood the theory and when you come into class, you are focused on the practical skills.

You can access any of our courses below. Click on the course you want to read all the information, click on the payment link to add-to-cart, and at checkout make payment easily and you will be enrolled in your course in no time to start learning! Call 08177321761 if you have any questions.

Be ready to act with the right knowledge in a medical emergency without fear or confusion.

CPR and Use of AED (Baby, Child & Adult)

Learn CPR and choking in babies, children and adults with training in the use of an AED.

Emergency First Aid at Work Course

Learn to give emergency first aid to an adult who is injured or becomes ill while at work.

Emergency Paediatric First Aid Course

This Emergency Paediatric First Aid Course is for those looking after babies and young children.

Family First Aid Course

Family is everything. Learn lifesaving skills to help a child or adult at home with this Family First Aid Course

First Aid for Adults Course

Learn vital skills to help friends, spouses or colleagues in an emergency in this First Aid for Adults Course

CPR and Use of AED (Adult)

Learn CPR and choking for adults with training in the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED).

Basic First Aid Course

Learn how to act without fear or confusion if an adult is injured. Get the knowledge and skills on common medical emergencies.

How To Prepare An Emergency Action Plan

Learn the importance of an emergency action plan & how to prepare one. Get peace of mind.

Help A Choking or Collapsed Child

These are medical emergencies that require the right help in seconds. Learn how to do CPR and relieve an obstruction quickly.


Go To Our Online Training Academy Now

The Levande Healthcare Academy is an online school offering first aid trainings for both knowledge and certification via video courses and downloadable documents to enable you prepare for medical emergencies.

Our online first aid trainings will reflect those we do physically in-house or on-site.

To obtain a certificate (certification training only), there is a physical skill assessment of between 2 – 4 hrs depending on your first aid course. You must do this skill assessment within 25 days of taking the online class at no added fee. Ensure you book the skill assessment before or on commencing the online class.

All courses are taught by Dr. Tosin Osikoya, a medical Doctor with over 20years in the healthcare industry. She is the Founder of Levande Healthcare and Lead Trainer at First Aid by Levande.

She has taught first aid, both for knowledge and certification, since 2016, to parents, preschools, schools, and workplaces. She has made it easy to learn first aid online.

She will make you understand why keeping you healthy and safe is the most important thing for you, your loved ones and colleagues because that is the way you can achieve your dreams and goals.

Get prepared because good health and staying alive makes you achieve all your dreams.

Questions? Get more information about our first aid trainings.