FAQs about First Aid by Levande’s Services

These FAQs answers most of the commonly asked questions about our various First aid Trainings and the different First Aid Kits, Boxes and Consumables we stock.

First Aid by Levande is a service offered by Levande Healthcare Ltd. If you need more information, please contact us.

First Aid Courses

What Kind of First Aid Courses are Offered?

We have knowledge courses and certification courses.

Knowledge courses are for learners to get the required knowledge and skills; no certificates are issued.

Certification courses give the learners the required knowledge and skills. They also entail the participants passing a graded quiz before certificates are issued.

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What is the Difference between a Knowledge and a Certification Course?

A certificate course follows international curriculum for the said course. It is also compulsory that a practical skills session is done AND the trainee must pass a final quiz.

A knowledge course does not have a final quiz and the skill session is optional.

What is the Format of the Different Courses?

Depending on if it is for knowledge or for certification, our courses are offered in a blended learning format consisting of an online and a physical class aspect. The online aspect teaches you with videos, pdfs, discussions, quizzes, printables and more. You learn at your own pace giving you time to digest the information. The physical aspect called the skills session, takes place in our Lagos office in Ojodu.

Is it Easy to Learn First Aid Online?

Very easy! The instructor has been teaching CPR and First Aid for over 4 years and she has broken down the concepts to facilitate learning. She is a medical doctor with over 20 years experience and she is passionate about people learning life saving skills.

How long does Learning each of the Courses take?

This depends on if it is a knowledge or a certification course. For knowledge courses, the skills session (physical class) is optional; this is not the case in certification courses.

The online aspect can be done at your own pace, and can be completed within a few days while the physical aspect has to be booked on an available date.

The combination of time to complete both gives you an indication of how long YOU will take.

How long does do I have access to the Online Course?

You have access to the course for 6 MONTHS. This will give you enough time to complete it and you can go over the lessons and retake the quizzes.

What is the Range of Prices for Levande's First Aid Trainings?

Depending on both knowledge and certification courses, it ranges from N15,000 to N35,000 (exclusive of 7.5% tax).

First Aid Boxes and Kits

What is the Difference between a First Aid Kit and a First Aid Box?

No difference really. They mean the same thing. Most people tend to think that a first aid box denotes the container and the kit means the contents but they both mean both! If you want just the container, specify you want an empty first aid box and if you want just the content, ask for contents or a refill pack. To buy a first aid box or kit, or the empty box or even a refill pack, go to our online shop.

What Kinds of First Aid Boxes are available?

We have different types of first aid kits and boxes under the Levande brand. They are for homes, cars, travel, office, schools, construction sites etc. We understand that the items within the different kits or boxes should be able to help in a medical emergency and that is what we strive to ensure everyday. To shop and of our kits or boxes, please visit our online shop.

What is the Range of Prices of Levande's First Aid Kits and Boxes?

They range in price from N2,500 to N44,500. The price is determined by the container, content and quantity of the different items that make up the content.