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Different ways to learn First Aid to meet your needs

Learning first aid for general knowledge or for certification purposes determines the topics taught, the duration and cost of the training.

We offer the following to meet your first aid trainings needs; read all their information below:

  1. First Aid / Health Talks
  2. First Aid Demonstrations
  3. First Aid Trainings: These can be for certification or knowledge-only.

A. First Aid /Health Talks

Click on the links below to find out more about these talks:

  1. Talk For Preschools and Schools
  2. Talk for Workplaces and Organisations

B. First Aid Demonstrations

These trainings are to increase first aid awareness for large groups of people. There are no skills assessment, final tests and therefore no certificates awarded. Click on either of the links below to find out more about these classes:

  1. Demonstrations for Preschools and Schools
  2. Demonstration for Workplaces and Organisations

C. For Certification First Aid Trainings, How Can You Learn?

These trainings are taught in the following ways:

1. Blended learning (online & physical skill sessions): This learning format means that there is an online session which must be completed 100% before the physical skills session in our Lagos office. This is suitable for individual learners. Click here see the blended trainings available and their cost.

2. Wholly physical trainings: These are First Aid by Levande’s Trainings. We do not offer public first aid classes where individuals can book on available dates. For these trainings, a group booking has to be done and the number of participants determines if it takes place in our office or at your venue. Click here to see the physical trainings and their costs.

a. In-house: For 6 participants in our Ojodu office. You book a group for this.

b. On-site: For 8 – 12 participants at your venue.

3. AHA (American Heart Association) trainings: The AHA’s courses trains participants to promptly recognize several life-threatening emergencies and act to help. Reflects science and education from the American Heart Association Guidelines Update for CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC). These trainings are wholly physical and validity of certification is 2 years. Click here to see available AHA certifications trainings and their costs.

a. In-house: For 6 participants in our Ojodu office. Depending on the training type, booking may be individual or for a group.

b. On-site: For 6 participants at your venue.

We are sure that one of these ways will be suitable for you. All prices are exclusive of VAT (7.5%). Call us on 08177321761 if you have questions.

D. First Aid Trainings for Knowledge Only

These trainings are to increase your first aid awareness and knowledge and do not come with certificates. They are learnt wholly online. Click here to get more details.

First Aid Training: An Essential Life Skill

We want to see you soon at a First Aid Training offered by Levande Healthcare. Please don’t delay your decision to book a First Aid Class with us. Although we hope you never have to use your first aid knowledge or skills in a critical situation, it is always better to be safe than sorry, so start learning now!