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Learn First Aid To Meet Your Needs

Learn first aid for general knowledge or for certification and this determines the topics, duration and cost.

We offer the following to meet your learning needs:

  1. First Aid / Health Talks
  2. First Aid Demonstrations
  3. First Aid Trainings

Our trainings are either taught wholly online, wholly physical (our office or on-site) or via blended learning. Blended learning means that there is an online session which must be completed 100% before the physical skills session in our Lagos office.

Click on the links below to find out more or call us on 08177321761.

First Aid /Health Talks

  1. Talk For Preschools and Schools
  2. Talk for Workplaces and Organisations

First Aid Demonstrations

  1. Demonstrations for Preschools and Schools
  2. Demonstration for Workplaces and Organisations

First Aid Trainings

For Knowledge

  1. First Aid for Baby & Child
  2. First Aid for Adults 
  3. Family First Aid
  4. How to Help A Collapsed or Choking Baby or Child
  5. How to Prepare an Emergency Action Plan
  6. 5 common Injuries In Children and How To Manage Them (Free)
  7. Essential Items In A First Aid Kit & How To Use Them (Free)

For Certification

Daycare / Preschools / Schools

  1. Emergency Paediatric First Aid
  2. Paediatric First Aid (coming soon!)

Offices / Workplaces / Organizations

  1. CPR and Use of AED (Adults)
  2. CPR, Use of AED & Basic First Aid Training
  3. Emergency First Aid for the Workplace
  4. First Aid at Work (coming soon!)


  1. CPR and Use of AED (Baby, Child and Adults)
  2. Custom First Aid Class

Click on any of the above classes to find out what the contents and costs are. 

We hope to see you soon at a First Aid Training by Levande Healthcare. Please don’t delay your decision to book a First Aid Class with us. Although we hope you never have to use first aid in a critical situation, it’s better to be safe than sorry.