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Children Can Learn First Aid

Children can and should learn first aid. Our First Aid for Children class recognizes how important every one should be prepared in a medical emergency and teaches children common medical emergencies e.g., collapse, fainting, choking, cuts and scrapes etc. It is a wholly physical training.

This course is designed to teach children how to keep themselves safe and to help others in an emergency situation. They will learn what to do in an emergency, learn CPR procedures (as they may be too young to practise) and understand about treatment for common accidents and illnesses – with particular focus on the sort of accidents and emergencies relevant to them.


First Aid for Children
  1. You, parent or caregiver, might not be there.
  2. You, parent or caregiver, might be the one hurt or unconscious.
  3. They might not be physically able to help but they can tell and show the people who are around, what to do before medical help is available.
  4. It increases their safety consciousness as they grow thereby reducing the risk of accidents. Child or adult, a medical emergency can happen anywhere, at anytime.

Everyone should know what to do, how to help with our fear or confusion. Because simple things like putting the casualty in the recovery position or calling a pre-determined number for help can make a difference between life or death. Preparation determines the outcome AND everyone should prepare for the unexpected.

First Aid for Children can be taught as a group course in schools, youth clubs, or in a home or space for a group of children.

Who Is It For?

This course is ideal for children between 6 and 12 years and tailored to their understanding.

What Do They Learn?

We generally cover care of the unconscious adult, child and baby who is either breathing, or not-breathing as well as the treatment of commonly occurring accidents and illnesses.


First Aid for Children
  • Safety
  • Recognition of an unconscious person and how to help
  • Recovery position and CPR
  • Choking
  • Bleeding
  • Seizures
  • Burns
  • Hygiene
  • First Aid Kit
  • Emergency Action Plan

Class Duration

This 2 hour course will give the children the skills and confidence to deal with any emergency they might encounter either in the home, their siblings or friends.


This is a knowledge course and not for certification.

They may receive Certificates of Participation via email if requested.


The cost of the First Aid for Children’s Class starts from N100,000. Final cost depends on the number of children and curriculum interested in. Call 08177321761 to find out how we can teach a group in school, youth clubs, church or among friends.

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