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For Organisations

A First Aid or Health Talk for an organisation raises awareness on first aid and health in the workplace which helps prepare for medical emergencies and improve the well-being of employees. This improves employee morale and productivity. Call us on 08177321761 to discuss with us (we also have our package for schools, click here for details).

While the preferred option of educating everyone would be a training and practical class spanning at least a few hours, sometimes due to various reasons, your Organization may not opt for that. What may be preferred may be something less intensive.

Therefore, we offer first aid talks, health talks, or even first aid demonstrations for general knowledge because we believe that some education is better than none. The type of option determines the curriculum, duration and cost. We only issue certificates listed in our certification courses.

First Aid or Health Talk

Curriculum on First Aid

  1. Safety
  2. CPR
  3. Choking
  4. A few medical scenarios
  5. The First Aid Box
  6. Emergency Action Plan

Curriculum on Health Talk

This is usually determined by the organisation or could be a prevailing health issue of the day.


Since it’s a First Aid or Health talk, we will be able to get through a lot of material. We will demonstrate CPR & choking but no practicals by participants.