Our Clients

We have worked with a number of people, schools and organizations in the country who have benefited from investing in being prepared for medical emergencies in loved ones, friends, colleagues or anyone.

Here are some of our clients:

  1. Heirs Insurance
  2. AG Leventis
  3. Shuttlers
  4. Pentagon Plastics
  5. Nigeria Insurance Liability Pool
  6. Habanera Limited
  7. Apha Pharmacy
  8. Fragrance Oils Nigeria Limited
  9. Monument Development Company, Lagos
  10. Tulip Cocoa Processing Company
  11. Groupe GEOS
  12. Engie Energy Access
  13. Thompson Reuters/ Refinitiv
  14. Newcross EP
  15. Stargrade Group
  16. Boaz Commodities Ltd
  17. Aymie Staffing
  18. And more…..
  19. Schools (pre-schools, primary & secondary schools), charitable organizations, private individuals and more.