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Be a Distributor Of Our First Aid Kits & Consumables

Are you interested in becoming a First Aid by Levande Distributor? Do you want to sell a first aid kit that meets the British Standard for the items that will make a difference in a medical emergency? Do you want to be part of an organization that is working to make sure people are confident to act with the right knowledge, skills and tools to help anyone in a medical emergency?

If yes to all the above, we want you to help distribute our products in all parts of Nigeria (excluding Lagos).

Where should you keep your first aid kits

We get enquiries about our first aid boxes and kits from all over Nigeria but delivery costs are a factor. This is where YOU come in. You are able to make sure our products are accessible to everyone at an equivalent cost.

Levande First Aid Kits are fast selling first aid kits which follow the British Standard (BS) 8599 for first aid kits. We have a variety of first aid kits that are in demand nationwide and you have the opportunity to be a distributor for a particular type or a combination of types of our first aid kits..

There is a minimum order quantity (MOQ) that depends on the first aid kit or the combination of first aid kits packages that may be available.

This opportunity is limited to a 1 or 2 slots per state.

If you are interested, please fill the form below:

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