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Levande First Aid Kits

The content of your first aid kit should be based on your first aid needs assessment. As a guide, where work activities are low-risk (for example, desk-based work) a minimum first aid kit can contain:

– a leaflet with general guidance on first aid

– individually wrapped sterile plasters of assorted sizes

– sterile eye pads

– individually wrapped triangular bandages

– safety pins

– large and medium-sized sterile, individually wrapped, unmedicated wound dressings

– disposable gloves

The above is a suggested contents list. Note that there are no medication listed in it.

If you are buying a first aid kit, we suggest the British Standard (BS) 8599 kits content. BS8599 compliant kits were improved to meet current hazards and risks. They take into account development of innovative modern products and updated first aid practices to ensure that you have the right items for the space you are in.

The standard content contains two key tables:

1. One table covers what should be contained in a workplace first aid kit

2. One providing information on the appropriate size of the kit for the workplace environment.

First Aid by Levande’s First Aid Kits follow the BS8599 standards. It ensures that there is no confusion on what your first aid kits should contain as well as the right quantity of items to be in it. Note that based on your first aid needs assessment, you have to make sure that for the space you are in (workplace, school etc), has the right amount of first aid kits for the risks faced there. Learn more about the number and size of first aid kits here.

To view our range of British Standard Compliant First Aid Kits click here. First Aid Kits may exceed these content requirements and still be considered BS8599 compliant.

The below table shows the minimum required contents for small, medium and large first aid kits for the workplace in order for them to comply with the British Standard for first aid, BS8599-1:2019.

The BS8599 standards, updated on the 1st of January 2019, includes specifications for travel and motoring first aid kits, personal issue first aid kits and critical injury packs. First Aid by Levande supplies all of these kits. See them below:

Travel & Motoring First Aid Kit

Personal Issue First Aid Kit

Critical Injury First Aid Kit

Maintaining or replacing contents of a first aid kit

Check your first aid kit regularly. Some items, particularly sterile ones, are marked with expiry dates. Replace expired items, disposing of them safely. If a sterile item doesn’t have an expiry date, check with the supplier to find out how long it can be kept. For non-sterile items without expiry dates, check that they are still fit for purpose.

Remember, you can always reach us by calling us on 08177321761 or find us via our contact page.

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