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The prices of our first aid trainings stated here depends on the service offered. They are either:

  1. First Aid / Health Talks
  2. First Aid Demonstrations
  3. First Aid Trainings

All prices are exclusive of VAT (7.5%)

First Aid /Health Talks

A First Aid or Health Talk for schools or workplaces raises awareness on first aid and health in the workplace which helps prepare for medical emergencies and improve the well-being of employees.

It is usually for 1 hour. If the time allocated or needed is more than 1 hour, the cost may increase.

First Aid Demonstrations

First Aid demonstration for schools or organisations also known as mini practical classes, educates on and teaches some practical lifesaving skills. It is a stop-gap option to share knowledge and some practical lifesaving skills, especially CPR among a large number of people who may not have access to the certification first aid trainings.

We have various options which determines the final cost and the duration of the class (between 2 – 5 hours).

  1. For Daycare and Preschools: from N150,000
  2. For Primary and Secondary Schools: from N200,000
  3. For Organizations & Workplaces: from N200,000

First Aid Trainings

Our first aid trainings could either be for general knowledge or for certification and this determines the syllabus, duration and cost. These trainings are either offered:

  1. Wholly physical in our office or on-site.
  2. Via a blended learning format consisting of an online learning session and a physical skills session.

Individual costs for each of the various certification courses we offer can be seen on their information pages on First Aid Trainings/ Courses and Classes but a general guide is seen below:

Knowledge Courses:

CourseDurationCost (per participant)
First Aid for Baby & ChildOnline (3 months access)N20,000
First Aid for AdultsOnline (3 months access)N20,000
Family First AidOnline (3 months access)N25,000

Certification Courses:

Caregivers/ Teachers/ Preschools/ Schools
CourseDurationCost (per participant)
Emergency Paediatric First Aid8hrs or (blended learning option)N30,000

Individuals/ Workplaces / Organizations

The blended learning option gives you 6 months access for the online learning and then you book for the practical skills at our office for a duration of 4 – 5hrs.

CourseDurationCost (per participant)
CPR & Use of AED (Adult)3.5 – 4hrs or (blended learning option) N30,000
CPR, use of AED & Basic First Aid7 hrs or (blended learning option) N35,000
CPR & Use of AED (Baby, Child & Adult)5 hrs or (blended learning option) N40,000
CPR & Use of AED (Baby, Child & Adult) & Basic First Aid 6.5hrs or (blended learning option)N45,000
Emergency First Aid for the Workplace8 – 9hrs or (blended learning option) N45,000

CourseDurationCost (per participant)
Basic Life Support (BLS)4.5 – 5hrsN50,000

AHA (American Heart Association) Trainings
CourseDurationCost (per participant)
Basic Life Support (BLS)4.5 – 5hrs N50,000
Basic Life Support (BLS) Renewal3.5hrsN40,000
Heartsaver® Adult CPR AED3 – 4hrsN45,000
Heartsaver® First Aid, Adult CPR AED8hrs N55,000
Heartsaver® Adult CPR AED, Child CPR AED, Infant CPR 5 – 6hrsN55,000
Heartsaver® First Aid, Adult CPR AED, Child CPR AED, Infant CPR9hrsN75,000
Heartsaver® Pediatric First Aid CPR/AED7 – 9hrs N60,000