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CPR & Basic First Aid Training for Adults

First Aid for Adults class provides learners with the vital skills to help friends, spouses or colleagues in an emergency or when general accidents happen around the house or out and about. It consists of CPR and First Aid.

You can take this course via blended learning (online & physical) or it can be wholly physical in your venue.

For Who?

First Aid for Adults
  • You have been involved in any real life emergency and want to be better prepared.
  • If you recognize that you medical emergencies can occur at anytime and you want the right knowledge and skills.
  • You are going into university or travelling for sometime.
  • If you are looking after an elderly relative or a spouse with medical issues.

What you will learn?

  • Action at an emergency – priorities of treatment
  • Care of the adult who is unconscious but breathing – Recovery position
  • Care of the adult who is unconscious and not breathing – CPR 
  • Treatment of a choking adult
  • Minor and major bleeding
  • Strains, sprains, fractures and dislocations
  • Burns 
  • Medical Emergencies: diabetic comas, heart attack, stroke, seizures
  • Use of the first aid box
  • Emergency action plan

Class duration for Blended Learning

  • Online class: At your own pace
  • Physical class: 2 hours in our Lagos office.


This is a knowledge course and not for certification. For certification trainings, Basic First Aid Training or Emergency First Aid for the Workplace might suit your needs).

You may receive a Certificate of Participation in your mail (note that this does not meet workplace requirements) if you complete the practical skill session in our Lagos office at no additional cost.


N20,000 per individual (blended learning – online and physical at our office)

For wholly physical: a minimum of 6 in our office and a minimum of 8 participants if at your venue.

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