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Online first aid courses are an easy way to get basic knowledge about what to do in common medical emergency scenarios.

Having physical classes is essential for thorough learning and certification and we offer this convenience via our blended learning trainings (online & physical).

You can access any of our short online courses below. Note that there are no certificates awarded for these courses; they are to improve your awareness and knowledge of first aid.

Click on the course you want to read all the information, click on the payment link to add-to-cart, and at checkout make payment easily and you will be enrolled in your course in no time to start learning! Call 08177321761 if you have any questions.

Be ready to act with the right knowledge in a medical emergency without fear or confusion.

Available Knowledge-Only Trainings:

Private First Aid Session

A zoom session with Dr. Osikoya to answer all your first aid questions on the tools & skills to help. Session is for 1hr.

Family First Aid Course

Family is everything. Learn lifesaving skills to help a child or adult at home with this Family First Aid Course

First Aid for Adults Course

Learn vital skills to help friends, spouses or colleagues in an emergency in this First Aid for Adults Course

Help A Choking or Collapsed Child

These are medical emergencies that require the right help in seconds. Get the confidence to act!

First Aid for Baby & Child

Learn how to act without fear or confusion if your child gets injured or falls ill. You need to have the right knowledge & skills to help.

If you have any questions, call 08177321761.