Stay Alive We should always look at the long-term impact of our decisions especially when it comes to our health.

Your Body Works For You 24/7, Help it Serve You

I am a First Aid Trainer When I became a medical doctor, there was no way I would have thought

I Teach First Aid and I Love it!

This post is a reproduction of an article I posted on LinkedIn in 2020. Nollywood Can Save Lives Film and

Nollywood Can Help Save Lives

Do You Need CPR Certification in Lagos? Getting a CPR certification in Lagos is not difficult. However, there are a

CPR Certification in Lagos

First Aid Training Certifications Nigerians believe that foreign first aid training certifications are best and to an extent I can

Know The Methods of First Aid Training Certifications

Nigerians usually believe that foreign certification is best and to an extent we can agree until we set our own

Learn More About the Methods of First Aid Certifications