Stay Alive We should always look at the long-term impact of our decisions especially when it comes to our health.

Your Body Works For You 24/7, Help it Serve You

In previous articles, I have discussed two issues I observe with Nigerians learning first aid. They were the willingness to

The Fascination with Certificates: A Concern in First Aid Learning

In my previous article, I wrote about the lack of willingness to attend first-aid training. In summary, it seems to

Nigerians Issues with First Aid Trainings: Duration of Trainings!

As this year’s Sallah celebration approaches, it is important to not only embrace the joy and festivities but also prioritize

Staying Safe and Prepared: First Aid Tips for Sallah Celebrations

Align with a trusted brand – Levande! Are you passionate about promoting safety and well-being in your community? Do you

Become a Levande First Aid Kit Distributor

First Aid Training is an Essential Life Skill First aid training is an essential life skill that empowers people to

First Aid Training: An Essential Life Skill for Everyone