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Dr. Tosin Osikoya

Stay Alive

We should always look at the long-term impact of our decisions especially when it comes to our health.

When we are young and “healthy”, we feel invincible. When the medical community raises awareness on common health issues and steps you can and should take, most people shrug it off. A common Nigerian response is to say “I cannot coman kill myself!!” or “Na something go kill person”.

When we are younger, it seems we can get away with “wrong” habits but honestly, it piles on. Just because we don’t see immediate or short-term impact doesn’t mean everything is okay.

Our bodies work for us every day. It fights for us to live a healthy life 24/7, you will never know how much. How it possibly stopped a cancerous growth, a deadly inflammation or a supposedly small parasite or virus. You take it for granted.

The body is good at working through all the “insults” we throw at it but we shouldn’t do it consistently. We should help it work for us.

When you “make it” later on, you don’t want to be spending time and money battling a problem that could have been prevented.

Your body is amazing so take care of it. It is in fact the ”ultimate machine” but we treat the machines in our lives better, take for instance our cars. Take care of your body:

Nourish iteat right.
Service it health checks.
Maintain itexercise regularly.
Treat itfirst aid, medical care.

Your body works because your body is “working“. It is the only one you will ever live in”. Don’t get ill or injured before you appreciate it and be grateful for it.

Do all you can to stay safe, to stay healthy and to stay alive. 🙏🏽

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