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First Aid Training in Nigeria

First Aid Training has never been an important skill to go out of your way for in Nigeria. It is understood that it is an important skill to have but it is not enforced in daycare centres, schools and even most businesses.

Yes, some companies do ensure that their employees get first aid training but it is usually as a subset of safety training and therefore the skill acquired is sub optimal.

So is the problem ignorance about the need for such a training or is that the training providers don’t meet the expectation of the learners?.

The Importance of First Aid Training

It might seem obvious why we need first aid training for everyone but we will outline them below:

  1. You Act With Confidence
  2. You Can Handle Emergencies
  3. You Prepare For Accidents
  4. You Reduce A Victim’s Pain
  5. You Can Reduce Unnecessary Visits To The Hospital
  6. You Improve The Outcomes of an Accident
  7. You Increase Your Awareness
  8. You Improve The Safety Of Your Family And Reduce Susceptibility To Accidents
  9. You Can Recognize When Something Is Serious
  10. You Can Use The Right Equipment
  11. You Can Help Others


Why Online First Aid Trainings?

Online First Aid Training in Nigeria

Teaching First Aid is a serious and important affair. We are training you to save lives and that is no small responsibility. We need to ensure you understand what you are doing and why you are doing it. So it is not something that you do in a few minutes or hours.

Most certification first aid trainings requires a minimum of 1 day, some up to 3 days. For some people and employers, that is a lot of time away from other responsibilities they feel are important.

It was inevitable that online first aid training in Nigeria will become important. It is even more important in the infectious disease age of COVID19 that we find ourselves in.

Except it is just for knowledge, you still require a physical skill assessment to ensure that you are confident to apply the practical skills. With online training, you learn the training at your pace in your home. Then come in for the skill assessment for fewer hours.

This is the best way to learn going forward.



Learn First Aid Online – Levande Healthcare Academy

First Aid by Levande’s mission is to prepare you for medical emergencies. We know your good health and safety is vital to you achieving your dreams and goals.

We also understand that sometimes, despite your best intentions, accidents will happen and is so important that you know what to do to save lives and limbs.

Access the Levande Healthcare Academy to enroll in any of the courses available that meets your needs. Get online first aid training in Nigeria anywhere you are.


First Aid by Levande is a service offered by Levande Healthcare Ltd. Kindly contact us for more information.