November 2, 2022

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Levande's First Aid Trainings

Yes, anyone can administer first aid. While it is important to have trained professionals available in emergency situations, it is possible for any person to provide basic first aid in order to help stabilize the situation before trained personnel arrive.

However, you should know that first aid should be provided based on the person’s ability and knowledge. If the person administering first aid is not trained, they should only provide basic care and seek professional medical help as soon as possible.

It is also crucial to follow the principles of first aid, such as doing no harm, and not attempting procedures that could make the situation worse.

CPR, First Aid and Use of AED

What First Aid Techniques Should you Know?

While there are some techniques you should be trained in to administer, you should be able to do something to help in a life-threatening conditions:

1. How to call for help e.g. 112 (national emergency number) or your state emergency number.

2. Knowing how to apply pressure to stop bleeding.

3. How to provide CPR.

4. How to recognize and respond to signs of shock.

5. Locate and use the items in a first aid kit etc.

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