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Baby & Toddler Kit

A first aid kit doesn’t have to be elaborate or bulky. It should have all the important things you need in case of minor accidents and you can also put in the medication that is specific for your little one. If you have a baby & toddler first aid kit, ensure it has the essential items.

The essentials in a Baby & Toddler First Aid Kit includes:

 1.  Thermometer:

Most parents feel they can tell when their baby has a fever by feeling their forehead but a subjective assessment is not good enough. Use a thermometer to take an objective measurement and when you take your child to the doctor, they weill appreciate having this information.

2.  Nasal suction device:

Even though most children find it uncomfortable, it’s a good idea to have this to use until your child is old enough to know how to blow his or her nose.

3.  Plasters

Adhesive bandages here Bandages can “cure” all kinds of problems, from barely-there bumps and bruises to serious scrapes. Cartoon character bandages increase your cache among the toddler set, and seem to provide increased healing power. (At least, that’s what a toddler would tell you!)

4.  Sterile eye pads/dressing

This helps in covering both eyes if unable to flush foreign object out before taking to the hospital.

5.  Conforming bandage

This is for supporting sprains or strains.

6.  Disposable sterile gloves

This is for hygienic protection especially if it’s a caregiver and not the parent.

7.  Tweezers

This help to remove splinters, if you can, without damaging the skin further.

8.  A first aid manual
9.  Emergency contact list

This is important so someone knows who to call if there is a medical emergency. This includes parents, doctor, childminder / friends and any important medical information e.g. allergies.

You might need to have drugs in the first aid kit but do remember that they have to be kept in a cool dry place. Therefore the kit must be in a cool dry place like the kitchen or dining room cabinet. As drug dosages for infants are given by weigh, and may not be suitable for the first few months of life, you need to ensure you talk to a pharmacist before adminsistering, even if they are over-the-counter drugs.

These include:

1.   Antihistamine (for over twos) eg Piriton – for mild allergic reactions e.g. bites, stings, rashes

2.   Ibuprofen eg Nurofen or equivalent

3.   Paracetamol eg Calpol or equivalent

Again, dosing is based on weight, so know your child’s weight and the recommended dosage before you give. Don’t forget a measuring device with this, either. Ensure you have a graduated oral syringe in the kit!

The Levande Baby & Toddler First Aid Kit has all you need. Call 08177321761 to order one. We deliver nationwide.

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First Aid by Levande is a service offered by Levande Healthcare Ltd. We want to give you the confidence to care and act when seconds count.

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