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Levande Travel First Aid Kit


  • Compact design fits easily in your bag, child’s school bag or in the car.
  • Durable nylon material
  • Convenient size
  • Contains items YOU need in a “mini” emergency
  • Makes excellent gifts and souvenirs

This kit complies with the British Standard for first aid, BS8599-1:2019 specifications for personal issue kits. Kits may exceed these contents requirements and still be considered BS8599-1 compliant.

In stock

This Levande Travel First Aid Kit – Red, is easy to carry around and contains items that are useful in in emergency situations on the playground, children’s school bags and when you are out and about. Excellent quality, durable red nylon material with zipper closure.  The Levande Portable First Aid Kit makes excellent souvenirs too! Purchase other Levande First Aid Boxes & Kits here. 


1. Plasters x 15
2. Adhesive tape (1.25 x 4.5m) x 1
3. Sterile non-adherent pads (5cm x 5cm) x 4
4. Sterile bordered dressing (6cm x 10cm) x 4
5. Sterile bordered dressing (6cm x 7cm) x 4
6. Conforming bandage x 5cm x 1
7. Triangular bandage x 1
8. Nitrile gloves (pairs) x 1
9. Cotton buds (10) x 1
10. Scissors x 1
11. Tweezers x 1
12. Safety pins (6) x 1
13. Alcohol pads x 10
14. BZK wipes x 10


First Aid by Levande is a service offered by Levande Healthcare Ltd located in Lagos.


Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions16 × 12 × 3.5 cm

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