December 1, 2016

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Levande first aid training

Take Care of Injuries Immediately

In a fast paced world like ours where we get things on demand, why do we wait to treat injuries? Why?

  • Food is on demand – fast foodLevande First Aid Kit
  • Communication is on demand – mobile telephone, emails
  • Visual is on demand – Skype, video calls
  • Recharging our phone is on demand – *737*, *894*
  • Sending money is on demand and so many other things that make life easy.

But when something happens to that body, ours or that of our loved ones, we don’t have the tools at hand to offer assistance. This is a disservice to yourself and to those you care about.

Most times, with a small injury, one can get away with inaction. But sometimes, that same small injury could lead to tetanus which is often fatal.

What of a fever? Fever means that the body temperature is above normal but do you have the tool to assess this objectively?

One can’t go with “he is warm” or “I feel cold”! You need a thermometer, an easy to use, cheap tool that helps give you the correct information to know the next step to take.

For instance:Levande Car First Aid Kit

  • In a child under 3 months of age, a temperature above 38C needs medical advice
  • In the case of a 1 to 2 yr old, seek advice with a temperature of 39.5C lasting more than 24 hours
  • A temperature of 40C at any age is urgent!

So do you understand why you need to have the tools on hand to take care of injuries? Yes, I’m sure you do.

The tool you need is a First Aid Kit. One in your home, one in your car and one in your office because you never know when an accident can occur.

Don’t forget to learn First Aid too because there is nothing worse than having the tools but in an emergency you don’t know what to do.


Dr. Oluwatosin Osikoya is the Managing Director of Levande Healthcare Ltd, owner of First Aid by Levande. Get your Levande First Aid Kits from their online shop, Konga or Jumia.


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