May 3, 2019

Vehicle first aid kit

Travelling? In a Commercial Vehicle? You need a Levande Vehicle First Aid Kit!

Emergencies are always unexpected so is there a first aid kit available?

It therefore makes sense to have a Vehicle First Aid Kit on hand in case you are involved in or come across an accident.

This Levande vehicle first aid kit is designed for fleet and commercial vehicles. The bag holds quality brand products that are easily accessible in an emergency. 

Car accident injuries range from… minor injuries, such as bruises, cuts and scrapes, to moderate injuries, such as broken bones. Then there are the more serious, life-altering injuries, or even fatal injury. So it is best to be prepared. This vehicle kit has items to help from a tiny cut to a major bleed or broken bone.

This Levande vehicle first aid kit is spacious enough for all the items it contains. These items are useful in in emergency situations on the road and your travels. Excellent quality, durable red nylon material with zipper closure and carrying handle. Want more information? Contact Us 

Here is what you’ll find inside this Car First Aid KitVehicle first aid kit

1. Plasters different types x 100
2. Adhesive tape x 1
3. Sterile gauze pads (4 x 4) x 5
4. Sterile bordered gauze (4 x 4) x 5
5. Abdominal Pad x 5
6. Sterile non-adherent pads(2 x 3) x 10
7. Sterile non-adherent pads(3 x 4) x 10
8. Sterile eye pads x 5
9. Triangular bandages x 2
10. Elastic bandages x 2
11. Gauze bandages (5cm) x 2
12. Gauze bandages (7.5cm) x 2
13. Large scissors x 1
14. Tweezers for removing splinters x 1
15. Fracture Splint x 1
16. CPR Face masks x 1
17. Disposable CPR valves x 3
18. Face shields 3
19. Emergency (Israeli) bandage 1
20. Combat application tourniquet 1
21. Emergency blanket x 2
22. Hand sanitizer x 1
23. Safety pins (5)
24. Gloves (Pairs) x 4
25. Sting relief packs x 10
26. Triple ointment packs x 10
27. Antiseptic cleaning pads x 10
28. Alcohol pads x 30
29. First aid instruction booklet x 1

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First Aid by Levande is a service offered by Levande Healthcare Ltd. We want to give you the confidence to care and act when seconds count.

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