March 4, 2022

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First aid training feedback

To come into your spaces – homes, schools and offices – to teach you what I know, what you should know, is an honour. We love training you on First Aid.

The knowledge matters

I do not take what I do lightly because I know us, I know Nigerians. 🙂 We want the best for our children, our parents, ourselves so there is so much to do, so much to achieve, so many deadlines, in so little time that we forget that our body needs help sometimes, that things can go wrong.

“No time for that”, they say. 🙂

Even as I was training the people in the workplace that gave this feedback in the image (1 of many), some were on their phones, some on laptops, some left for meetings… it’s the lives we have to live sometimes to realise our dreams.

But I know people got something out of it…a lot of them were engaged and it makes me so proud to get all the feedback we get, I do not take it for granted. 💙

So when you call Levande Healthcare, when you call me, I come ready to give you all I can, in the time you can give me. Ready to answer all the questions you put across… before duty calls you away.

…because IF a medical emergency occurs, we want you prepared to act confidently to help… and it might be the ONLY thing you got from a first aid training with us that made the difference.

I am Dr. Tosin Osikoya and I teach First Aid. 🙂

Please, stay alive. 🙏🏽

Ps: Our First Aid Demonstration Classes for Schools and Workplaces are designed to increase the awareness of a large group of people about how to help in common medical emergencies. To know more about them and other trainings we offer, please check https://firstaidbylevande.com.ng./first-aid-trainings-classes-courses.

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