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First Aid Practices Among Nigerians That Are Wrong


1. Thinking diarrhea and fever when a baby is “teething” is normal
Right step: Baby has probably rubbed something dirty on his/her gums to relieve irritation. Replace fluids and keep baby cool, continuously monitor. Seek medical help if symptoms worsen.

2. Giving water to someone that is choking from whatever cause.
Right step: Alternate between back slaps and abdominal thrusts if casualty can’t cough.

3. Putting a spoon or stick in the mouth of someone convulsing
Right step: DON’T put anything in the mouth. Do not hold patient down. Remove anything around the casualty that can cause harm during the seizure.


Wrong First Aid Practices Among Nigerians

4. Rubbing palm oil or engine oil on someone who has been burnt.
Right step: In a small burn, place under a running tap of cold water for 15 – 20mins. None of the above including butter, lotion, Vaseline etc.

5. Telling someone bleeding from the nose to raise his head up bend it backwards.
Right step: Casualty should lean forward and pinch bridge of the nose for 5 – 10 mins.

6. Putting methylated spirit, hydrogen peroxide etc on a wound or cut.
Right step: Clean the wound with water. Apply pressure if still bleeding. Put a plaster on it. Get tetanus booster shot if over 5 years since you got a tetanus shot.

7. Pouring water on an unconscious patient in order to wake him/her up
Right Step: Carry out a survey and perform CPR if necessary
Learn First Aid. Be prepared. It’s for Life.





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