July 5, 2018

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Levande First AId Kit

Although there should be a First Aid Kit almost everywhere you go, public or private, the availability is still not adequate in the country. We wanted to share 5 things about the First Aid Kit that we think you should know!

Who Needs a First Aid Kit?Levande First Aid Cabinet

Everyone! Child or adult and no matter the type of job or industry one is. Whether it is in your car, your business, your home, or in your sports bag; you never know when you will be able to put your Kit to use on yourself or on others.

Why is Having a First Aid Kit Important?

A common misconception about First Aid Kits is that they are all contained in large white boxes that could be inconvenient to store or transport. This is, in some cases, untrue.

A First Aid Kit can be personalized to cater to what you believe you should have on hand. Obviously, there are staple items that every First Aid Kit should have for example, plaster, bandages, gauze, gloves, scissors, etc., but the Kit of a construction worker may not necessarily be the same as the Kit of a stay at home parent.

Which First Aid Kit is best?Levande Car First Aid Kit

The best is one that contains up to date, functioning medical supplies. As mentioned before, Kits vary based on who needs it, and may be different aside from crucial items.

For example, a Kit for your vehicle may be slightly different than a Kit in your kitchen, which may be different from that used for a sports team. If unused for a long period of time, supplies inside your Kit may expire or become less effective.

It is always important to keep your First Aid Kit up-to-date. We recommend reviewing products on a yearly basis and updating or replacing components that may be low in stock.

Where Should a First Aid Kit be Stored?

It can be stored where it is easily accessible in case of emergencies and every day life. In a kitchen, we recommend a cupboard above the counter, under the sink or in an easily accessible drawer.

For a vehicle, we recommend the glove box, under your passenger side front seat or its pouch and in some cases, the boot might suffice.

In an office, somewhere it is easily accessible to both staff and customers is beneficial, such as the reception, cafeteria or a wall mount.

Who Invented the First Aid Kit?First Aid Kits and Supplies

It seems that the original First Aid Kit was invented in 1888 for men working on Railroads.

Railway work was one of the most dangerous jobs of the time, and before the first kit, when there was an injury, a man would have to run to the nearest town and find a doctor, which could take hours if not days.

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First Aid by Levande is a service offered by Levande Healthcare Ltd. Kindly contact us for more information. You can access our online first aid trainings at the Levande Healthcare Academy . Enroll today

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First Aid by Levande is a service offered by Levande Healthcare Ltd. We want to give you the confidence to care and act when seconds count.

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