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First Aid in Lagos

Child Safety Tip by First Aid By Levande

1. Ensure They Know Names, Numbers And Address:

Your child may be small but it is important to teach basic contact details like you and your partner’s name and contact number; they will remember these details.

Your child should be able to share your contact number with someone in case of an emergency.

Also, knowing where home is and any nearby landmark is also important.

Help your child memorize these with regular practice at home.

Also, help your child memorize a backup number to call, like a grandparent, uncle or aunt.


Child Safety Tips


First Aid Repercussions from not Knowing The Above

  1. Unconsciousness
  2. Wounds
  3. Sprains and strains
  4. Fractures

Do you know First Aid skills to manage the above? Call 08177321761 for further information.

Keep your child safe always. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

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