May 1, 2020

First Aid Box Items

What is a First Aid Box?

It is a box or container containing items that are used to help a sick or injured person until full medical treatment is available.

It is sometimes called a first aid kit. The contents of a first aid box is what matters; not the container. The container could be plastic, wood, metal or it could be a box or a bag. Whatever the container is, it is just a place to house the contents.

Standard Content of a First Aid Box

First Aid by Levande’s First Aid Kits follow the BS8599 standards. This ensures that there is no confusion on what your first aid kits should contain as well as the right quantity of items to be in it. Click here to learn more about this standard and how we meet it. Note that based on your first aid needs assessment, you have to make sure that for the space you are in (workplace, school etc), have the right amount of first aid kits for the risks faced there. Learn more about the number and size of first aid kits here. To view our range of British Standard Compliant First Aid Kits click here. First Aid Kits may exceed these contents requirements and still be considered BS8599 compliant.

The content of a first aid box depends on where it will be used, the type of injury that is expected in the space and the number of people that could be affected.

So location could include the home, on the road, daycare centre, preschools, schools, office, factories, construction sites.

The type of injury one could expect in the location and the people within and includes:

  1. Home: Cuts, scrapes, minor bleeds etc
  2. On the road: Severe bleeding, head injury, limb amputation etc
  3. Schools: Cuts, Scrapes, minor and severe bleeds, sprains, strains etc.
  4. Factories & Construction sites: Minor and major bleeds, amputations, head injury, heart attack etc.
  5. Police and Military: Major bleeds, life-threatening bleeds, blast injuries, crush injuries, head injuries etc.

The number of people within the location can vary from 1 person to thousands.

Data is Important in Determining the Content of a First Aid Box

Once the decision to get a first aid box has been made, the type and quantity to get has to be qualified on the following:

  1. Who will it serve? What kind of work is done in that space? Construction worker, teacher, office worker etc.
  2. Where do we need it? In a car, factory, boat, small office etc.
  3. What are the types of injuries we have seen or expect to see? Usually small cuts or loss of limbs?
  4. How many people will it cover? 1 person in a house or hundreds in a skyscraper?
  5. How many will we need? The bigger the space or if on different floors, you will need more.
  6. Where will they be located? In a first aid point, an on-site clinic, back of a vehicle, on the office wall
  7. Will the first aid boxes be stationary or mobile?

Answering these questions will give you the best objective data which will help you purchase the first aid box that suits your needs and serve you IF it needed.

Remember, a first aid box is only as useful as the knowledge and experience of the user so make sure those who would need to use it know how to use it.

Content of a First Aid Box

These varies as explained above, not only in items but in quantity needed. There are so many items that can be inside the box but we list out the essential items .

The Essential Items

contents of a first aid box


  1. Adhesive bandages (plaster)
  2. Sterile pads (non-adherent or gauze)
  3. Dressings (various sizes)
  4. Bandages (Gauze, Elastic, Triangular)

Protective Equipment

  1. Gloves
  2. Face shields (for CPR)


  1. Scissors
  2. Tweezers
  3. Splints

Wipes and Pads

  1. Antiseptic wipes
  2. Alcohol pads

There are so many items that can be within a first aid box but these will depend on the hazards in that space and peculiar scenarios. E.g. a factory that makes acid will need an an acid wash stand and even water as part of the first aid box contents.

While medication can be put in a first aid box, it is not a component of its supply or purchase. You should buy over the counter medication from reputable pharmacies so you can be sure of expiry date and get correct information on storage of the medication.

You now know the content of a first aid box which means you can buy the items and make yours. For your convenience and at a pocket friendly price, you can purchase Levande First Boxes and Kits and Refill Packs by ordering via WhatsApp on 08177321761 or buy from our online shop.

Whatever your choice, have a well stocked first aid box. It matters.

First Aid by Levande is a service offered by Levande Healthcare Ltd, kindly contact us for more information.

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First Aid by Levande is a service offered by Levande Healthcare Ltd. We want to give you the confidence to care and act when seconds count.

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