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CPR Certification in Lagos

First Aid Training is Practical!

Everyone should learn first aid because staying alive in good health makes you live your dreams. Also, you never know when these skills will be needed for yourself, a loved one, a friend or a colleague. Tomorrow even? 😨

These skills ensures:
🔹ī¸ Children come back home to parents from schools.
🔹ī¸ Spouses come back home from work or outings.
🔹ī¸ Friends still meet to catch up.
🔹ī¸ Colleagues come to work the next day.
🔹ī¸ You are able to help anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The knowledge of first aid skills ensures you can act quickly and confidently, without fear or confusion to stop the pain, stop the bleed or even save a life. There are no disadvantages to learning first aid, we promise you. 🙂

However, learning first aid is a practical skill. To learn it properly, whatever type of training/course you are taking, you have to use the right first aid training equipment. Why?

  1. First of all, what you don’t do makes it harder to remember. 😕 Therefore, you can’t just read about what to do in certain medical emergencies or watch videos.
  2. You have to use the right equipment to learn each skill. E.g. to learn how to do CPR, you have to use a manikin; to learn how to do CPR on a baby, you have to use a baby manikin; to learn how to use an AED, you have to use an AED trainer and so on.
  3. Finally, you have to spend time learning with the equipment until you are comfortable with your knowledge of that skill. This is why our maximum class size for certification trainings is 12 so each participant can have a manikin to themselves.

Chilling with the big boys is easy when you are in good health. 🙂 Be like our former trainees and do what needs to be done to help yourself, loved ones, friends, colleagues and anyone in a medical emergency.

Learn First Aid so you are ready to help when seconds count.

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First Aid by Levande is a service offered by Levande Healthcare Ltd. We want to give you the confidence to care and act when seconds count.

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