March 5, 2018

Headaches in Children

“I have a headache”, is a common complaint from children.

It strikes fear in the heart of a parent. It definitely strikes fear in me because as a doctor, I know of all the possibilities and most of them not good. Sigh.

You wonder what to do and if something could be seriously wrong. You have a lot of questions:

Headaches in Children

“Is it malaria?”

“Did he hit his head?”

“What drug do I give him”

“Is it a tumor?”

“Does he need to see the doctor?”

The questions race through your head.


First, take any complaint from your child seriously then look to see if he needs a doctor or an over-the-counter-medication would be appropriate.

Take your child to see a doctor in the following circumstances if a headache occurs:

  1. After your child hits his head
  2. If it is accompanied by a high fever (greater than 38C) and other signs like neck stiffness, vommiting, dizziness etc.
  3. Wakes your child up at night
  4. A number of times a month
  5. If your child is less than 3 years of age.


What do You do if a Headache Strikes?

If the above are not present, find out if your child has eaten, if your child is not dehydrated and if your child is in a well ventilated room.

Ask your child to rest for about 20 mins and if the headache is still present, then give an over the counter medication like paracetamol that is appropriate for the child’s age and weight.

Don’t get into the habit of using these medications frequently. They could cause more headaches as a rebound effect and could cause organ damage down the line.

Seek medical advice if the condition persists.


Take a First Aid Class today to ensure you know what to do to keep your child safe, prevent harm or help him if an accident occurs.

Dr. Oluwatosin Osikoya is the Founder of Levande Healthcare Company. She facilitates First Aid Classes to enable Parents, Carers of Children, Schools and Businesses get the knowledge, skills and tools to handle any medical emergency.



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