April 1, 2017

It's not easy being a mother

It’s Not Easy Being A Mother!

It is one of the most important jobs in life and it’s remuneration is the smile of your child, a kiss and a hug and their unconditional love that shines through their eyes at you. It’s not easy being a mother.

It's not easy being a motherYou took on this job not knowing what it entails, the fairytale of your courtship and wedding belied the messiness and upheavals to your body and life of becoming a mother. The responsibility sometimes too much to bear but you carried on, day after day, night after night because your child(ren) depends on you; an awesone responsibility.  

You are Supermom, a hero. None like you. ????

Enjoy the following scenarios you might find yourself in as you carry out your “job”. 


Being A Mother

A.  You slaved at it it from morning to night but someone asks you at the end of the day (usually hubby) “What have you been doing all day?” Hmmm 

B.  You are multi skilled – helper, chauffeur, cook, nurse, teacher, laundrywoman, repairer, stylist – and more; and some of those skills have to be brought into play at the same time. You should be able to put this skillset on your resume, right? ?

C.  You have no sick days off. None at all. You are still called upon to do your “job” whatever state of health you are in! Am I a robot?

D.  It’s “Mummy this”, “Mummy that”, “Mummy!” every day! Can I have some peace!?! ?

E.  You are supposed to have an answer to all questions. “Why?” is the constant in your ears. Call me a walking encyclopedia. 

F.  You have to know where everything is; their favourite t-shirt, blouse or scarf. Who else should be in charge of such sacred duties?  

G. You should have the magic words to calm your child if he gets a graze from running round the house (and he thinks he is bleeding to death) or she is throwing a tantrum because her faviurite snack is no longer in the cupboard. Your hubby raises his left eyebrow as if to say “Come and carry your property”. Was I alone in the process that brought him to this word? See me see trouble o!

F.  You have to manage their ability to wear you down after you’ve told them all the rules and regulations. They want your phone when homework has not been done; the TV when chores are outstanding; to go to their friends’s house when exams are around the corner. They try their very best and you don’t give in. Then Dad comes around and gives in in 10 seconds. Who does that? Haba!


You are a Great Mother!

Most times, childcare and safety is the responsibility of Mothers. It’s not easy but it’s worth it. 

Do you have the right knowledge and skills to handle a medical emergency as part of your skillset of being a Mother? You can’t go on instinct on this one, it has to me 100% right.

Learn First Aid today


Dr. Oluwatosin Osikoya is the Founder of Levande Healthcare Company. She facilitates First Aid Classes to enable Parents, Carers of Children, Schools and Businesses get the knowledge, skills and tools to handle any medical emergency.


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