August 2, 2021

Palm oil for poisoning

Nigerians believe that in cases of poisoning, making the victim vomit is the way to go usually by giving palm oil.

This is dangerous.

First, because in some cases of poisoning e.g kerosene, petrol, bleach etc, vomiting actually worsens the condition.

Secondly, the palm oil can get into the lungs or its fumes can be inhaled when one tries to force a child to drink it. This can lead to breathing problems or a form of pneumonia. This is long term wahala.

Most times children die from the palm oil remedy than even the poisoning. Tragic, right?

In all cases of poisoning, get the bottle of the poison, if you can, and go to the hospital ASAP.

Better still, put away poisonous materials and actively supervise your child to ensure they don’t drink, swallow or inhale poisonous substances.

The Best First Aid for Poisoning in Children is Prevention.

Keep the children safe.

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