May 11, 2021

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The numbers are bad and even though it is an estimate. It is believable though knowing the nature of the average Nigerian.

As Nigerians, we don’t believe anything will happen to us. “God forbid!“, “It is not my portion!” or this, “We are covered by the blood of Jesus“. Normal things we often say.

If something does happen, we blame everybody else even if it was our fault.

You are running across a busy highway and you curse at the drivers in their cars; Waka! “Foolish man, can’t you slow down!?” or “”No wonder sef, na woman dey drive“.

You leave your child with a nanny that is not trained. You shout at her if the child gets hurt and she didn’t handle things well, “Peace, what were you looking at? Television abi?

You are driving on the road and texting at the same time. You hit another car but tell the driver: “Ah ahn! How can you brake like that?!

You have an ill child. You bought medication from a chemist. 3 days later, you rush her to the hospital in the middle of the night, convulsing. You rant and rave at the doctor for not doing enough to help her.

We don’t need to elaborate more, do we? It is always someone else’s fault.

Then the final stage is acceptance of the situation. It becomes “It is well” or “Na something go kill pesin”.

All the above shows why this terrible statistic in the image above exists. Is it a lack of awareness or concern about the risks we take?

It doesn’t have to be this way. You have a responsibility to keep yourself alive! No paramedic or healthcare personnel will miraculously appear in a medical emergency. In the best of places, it takes 9 – 10mins but the horrible part is that within 4 mins of a cardiac arrest, brain damage starts. You see why knowing first aid matters?

It is not a foregone conclusion that a medical emergency has to result in death or disability, anyone can do something to help. Shouting and wailing does not help, only the right action taken immediately does (you know this).

It starts with saying “I need to learn First Aid“. Ï need to know what to do if the unexpected occurs”.

Please say it and do it. For yourself and the ones you love.

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