July 11, 2017

Know First Aid

You Should Know First Aid

Accidents happen at any time. They are unplanned and can alter your life in a second.Know First Aid

There are different scenarios. Everything was alright with the world and the unthinkable happened: 

  • You were driving your children to have a playdate with another family and your car was hit;
  • Your nanny called you in a panic at work because your son was not breathing;
  • A colleague of yours slumped to the floor as she was discussing with you;
  • You finished a meeting, checked your phone and saw 15 missed calls from your school. You called them back and they were sorry to tell you that your sun fell from the stairs and had to be rushed to the hospital. They have no nurse or first aider and had been trying to reach you to pick him up and take him to the hospital.

The above are not what you want to occur but they can and do happen. The best thing, therefore, is to prepare for them by learning what to do and if possible, prevent them from happening.

You should know First Aid because:

  1. It would help you to preserve a life
  2. It would help prevent an injury or an illness from getting worse.
  3. It would help promote recovery from an injury or illness.


Think ABout This

If your child, friend or colleague was hurt, what would you do?

If a child in your care lost consciousness, what would you do?

If your baby stopped breathing, what would you do?

Can you act confidently with the right information to preserve life or would you panic, burst into tears and start wailing?

Shouldn’t you know what to do? Shouldn’t you learn First Aid?


Everyday People can be empowered with the knowledge, skills and tools to become heroes! Find out more about our various first aid trainings or call us on 08177321761.


Dr. Oluwatosin Osikoya is the Founder of Levande Healthcare Company. She facilitates First Aid Classes to enable Parents, Carers of Children, Schools and Businesses get the knowledge, skills and tools to handle any medical emergency.



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