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The size of the first aid kit required in a workplace is dependent on a combination of the level of risk and the number of employees in the workplace. The table below provides guidance for employers but does not replace the requirement to carry out a risk assessment.

Special circumstances also need to be considered, such as remoteness from medical services, special hazards such as the use of hydrofluoric acid, and sites with several buildings. In these situations there may need to be more first aid kits than set out in the table. Personal issue kits, travel kits and/or critical injury packs may also be necessary.

What Are The Content in the Different Sizes of a First Aid Kit

If you are buying a first aid kit, we suggest the British Standard (BS) 8599 kits content. BS8599 compliant kits have been improved to meet current hazards and risks. They take into account development of innovative modern products and updated first aid practices to ensure that you have the right items for the space you are in..

First Aid by Levande’s First Aid Kits follow the BS8599 standards. This ensures that there is no confusion on what your first aid kits should contain as well as the right quantity of items to be in it. Note that based on your first aid needs assessment, you have to make sure that for the space you are in (workplace, school etc), have the right amount of first aid kits for the risks faced there. Learn more about the contents in the different sizes of first aid kits here.

Where should you keep your first aid kits

Our range of British Standard compliant first aid kits

First Aid by Levande supplies a range of British Standard Compliant first aid kits in various sizes and cases from personal issue kits in pouches to fully stocked first aid cabinets. To view our range of British Standard Compliant First Aid Kits click here.

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