February 1, 2017

First Aid for Teachers

What Your Nanny Should Know

Do you know the real reason why your nanny is with your kids?

Your nanny is not there to make them happy, feed them, stop fights or help with their homework.

They are there to make sure the children are safe, watch out for hazards and call for help at the right moment.

Your nanny takes your place when you are not there, probably you are at the office or gone for an outing. Even if you are at home, probably sleeping, she keeps watch for you.

She is the only lifeline they’ll have if there is a problem. I am sure you know this.

Therefore, you need to make sure she has the right training, and confidence, to help your children through any real emergency that might occur.


Who Should She Call?

Let her know who to call when something comes up. The numbers to call, and even the backup numbers to those numbers. She has to know when to take action and have the confidence to do so. It’s better to over-react than to under-react.

Ensure the following:

  • Let the numbers be in a visible place.
  • When does she call? Give her scenarios or situations that warrant her calling.
  • How should she call? Practise calling those numbers.
  • Which phone should she use? Hers or yours? Does she have a phone?
  • Is there a phone in the house that you leave with her? Is there credit on that line?


Does She Know CPR?

This is important as she has to be ready for the worst. There is nothing worse than a baby or child not breathing. Definitely wringing her hands or shouting and crying will not help the baby or child breathe.

She has to know what to do and be confident to do it.

Send her to a first class to Learn Infant and Child CPR.What Your Nanny Should Know - First Aid by Levande

The cost of a First Aid Class is far less, I repeat, far less than the cost of life.


Can She Help A Choking Child?

Babies, toddlers and children can choke on food, on beads, on little toys etc. She cannot hesitate if your child is in trouble.

She should get the training or you should get someone who know. It’s that simple. Your child life could be at stake.


Can She Handle Anything That Comes Up?

Not every emergency is medical. Other things can come up like a fire. Does she have the right information on what to do in the event of a fire? While knowing how to use a fire extinguisher is important, that’s not the first thing to do. She needs to react quickly to make sure everyone comes out of the house, then she should call for help.

A fire extinguisher should only be used by her only if it’s a small fire.


What of the Little Things?

Your nanny should be quite confident of how to handle little things that come up while taking care of the children without calling you for everything.

She should be able to handle a graze, a nosebleed, a little burn or even remove splinters.

She can contact you once it’s been taken care of and the children are calm. Then you decide if there should be more done.


Your Nanny Needs To Attend a First Aid Class

Honestly, this is the most important thing in anyone looking after your children. She can’t know these things, the right things, if she doesn’t get the required training.

You want the best for your children, right? Then send their nanny to a First Aid Class.

Book a class now or contact us for more information.


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