February 29, 2016

Levande First Aid Kit

First Aid is a skill no one pays much attention to in homes.


Cooking skills, yes!


Reading skills, yes!


Math skills, yes!


Ipad skills, yes… :-). Just kidding.


But First Aid skills are either not heard about, not paid attention to or worst still, not thought of as important.


But they are. Extremely so.


I can give you the technical reasons why learning First Aid skills are essential but that would be repeating myself as I have expressed it in different fora. They are still repeated below though:


Why you should learn First Aid


But the main reason is that learning First Aid empowers you with the knowledge and skills to enable you help your loved ones in a medical emergency.


Let’s break that down.


To empower someone means to give that person confidence in his/her abilities.


If for instance, you are about to go out or you are in the swimming pool and you see your child having a seizure, because you have the knowledge and the skills, you take action immediately and help your loved one. You know that shouting and screaming “Egba mi o!” has no place in the scheme of things. You know what to do and you do it. The action you took will make a difference.


Another scenario, is that you are at work earning money to take care of your family and give them the best in life and you get a call from your maid that “Ade has stopped breathing!“. Won’t that be a shock? Won’t it put all you have been working towards in jeopardy if your child doesn’t survive? Is it not better that you go to work feeling confident that your Child’s Carer knows what to do if there was a medical emergency?


Book For A First Aid By Levande Class


Learning First Aid is essential. For your peace of mind. For you family’s health and welfare.


Learn First Aid today



About the author 


First Aid by Levande is a service offered by Levande Healthcare Ltd. We want to give you the confidence to care and act when seconds count.

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