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The home is where your child gets injured the mostThe home is where your child gets injured the most

Your home can be safe or deadly. It’s up to you!

Look around your home. Think like a curious growing smart baby that your child is ?? and identify all risks of injury. 

To avoid the risk of an injury in the home, remove a potential hazard or dangerous item, or add a suitable safety product.

Always know where your children, or the children in your care are. Always.

Do active supervision. That means you or the child minder should be on your game and get up to remove them from danger. Do not say “get down from there” or “leave that place!“. Get up and get them to safety. You know its dangerous, they don’t ?

Revise your safety checks as your child grows. It might be things on the floor as babies but as they grow up, its things on the table or on the cupboard. Trust me, they can reach where you don’t think they can ?

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