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how to treat grazed knees

Play is how children learn and play they will. It’s a fact of life that they may hurt themselves while at the playground, playing football, riding their bicycles, running around during break time and in so many other instances.

Children will fall.

The good thing about grazes is that they are easy to treat but they really hurt and can become infected if not properly treated. They also scab over and children are tempted to pick at it which can cause bleeding, further scabbing, delayed healing and scarring.


How to Treat Grazed Knees

Clean the graze with drinking-quality water. There will probably be dirt particles in the abrasions which can be easily removed with thehow to treat grazed knees gentle use of a soft cloth. Your children won’t like this, they will cry and try to stop you but it is a necessary evil.

Once the wound is clean, pat it dry with a gauze pad because they won’t leave fibres in the wound. Do not use cotton wool.

Do not use iodine or methylated spirit as they cause pain and may delay wound healing. It is not necessary to use an antiseptic cream or lotion on the wound but you may if it is available.

Cover with a light adhesive plaster or dressing.

If the dressing becomes wet then you’ll need to change it. Because you want to keep it clean and dry.


Dealing with an Infected Graze

If a graze is infected, it may become filled with pus and the area may swell. An infection like this could lead to the child suffering a fever. The grazed area might be warm to the touch and become more painful. If these symptoms do appear, you should seek advice from your doctor.

Finally, be careful of sticking bed sheets – dressings fall off in bed and the sheets will stick to a wet graze as it dries. That’s going to be painful when child gets up for school in the morning.

Take a First Aid Class today to ensure you know what to do. Prepare and prevent. Ensure you do all you can to keep your babies and children are safe.



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