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Learn to help your child in a medical emergency

Learn to help your baby or child in a medical emergency because children will be children and that means they are prone to unexpected accidents (not there are any expected ones!).Learn how to help your child in a medical emergency

The commonest accidental injuries to children includes choking, falls, and drownings and they can leave you in a panic. While the safest way to ensure no injuries is to prevent them, sometimes accidents happen and you have to be prepared to handle them.

But how can you handle these emergencies if you don’t know how to? If you are in a panic and terrified for the life of your child? When every second without help feels like hours? This is where First Aid by Levande comes in. We teach you the knowledge and skills to act without fear or confusion in a medical emergency.

If you learn to help your child in a medical emergency, it does not mean you are inviting an accident, or you don’t believe your children will be safe and healthy, it just means you are prepared in the case the unexpected happens. And they happen. Let’s teach you, for 3 – 4 hours in the comfort of your home, how to ensure you, as parents, and your nanny, can help your children if the need arises especially as emergency medical services may not be readily available.

Here what other Parents have said about our classes:

  • “I liked that I didn’t have to leave the house. It was fun and interactive”.
    Busola Bello


  • “I liked how practical the training was. It was self-explanatory”.
    Omeyi Yangs


  • “It is a very practical class. The facilitator was very thorough and detailed”Learn how to help your child in a medical emergency
    Modupe Eyinla


  • “I loved the practical sessions and also the depth and wealth of experience of the trainer”.
    Ebube Akah


  • “I learned a lot. I am extremely confident about using my new knowledge and skills”.


  • “It was a good class. Thank you!”
    Kaliko Olowole


  • “I like the fact that it was very informal and not too rigid”.Learn how to help your child in a medical emergency
    Jadesola Adepoju


  • “I liked the practical aspect of the training”.
    Chisanya Attamah

Click here to see more testimonials and find out more about what First Aid by Levande offers.

We come to you with all our equipment and our great personalities! It is a fun, practical and interactive class and we promise we will leave you prepared with updated knowledge and skills (and you can set the old wives tales to one side!)

Contact us by calling 08177321761 or sending a mail to info@firstaidbylevande.com.ng if you have further questions or to book a date. We can’t wait to meet you.



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First Aid by Levande is a service offered by Levande Healthcare Ltd. We want to give you the confidence to care and act when seconds count.

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