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You want to know the difference between CPR and First Aid?

If you are interested in a CPR & First Aid Training, you might be confused about the different options available, right? At First Aid by Levande, we offer up about 10 different trainings divided into for knowledge only trainings and those for certification.

So what is the difference?

Due to the various questions that come up during enquiries, we decided to shed more light on the difference between CPR and First Aid trainings.

CPR Trainings

When you enroll for a CPR class which includes use of AED (automated external defibrillator), you will learn how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation and how to recognize the situations where administering it is appropriate.

When someone is experiencing cardiac arrest (when their heart stops beating), properly administering CPR could save their lives. The main purpose of CPR is to keep blood flowing through their body in order to keep their vital organs alive, especially the brain, until medical care is available. Please note that CPR will not restart that person’s heart, it can only keep them alive until a defibrillator can be used on that person.

The CPR classes available also teach how to help someone who is choking this is because this skill is important in helping a victim with a life-threatening emergency that has to do with respiratory problems.

First Aid Trainings

First aid classes tend to cover different scenarios in which you can assist a person who has been hurt and may need medical assistance. For example, first aid classes will teach you how to help a victim with severe bleeding, sprains or bone fractures. You will learn to apply pressure to a bleed, how to splint a bone that has been fractured and several other life-saving skills.

While CPR classes tend to focus on helping someone who is experiencing cardiac arrest or other situations that can lead to a collapse, first aid classes tend to focus on all other emergency situations: cuts, fractures, choking and everything in between.

At First Aid by Levande, we recognize that CPR is an essential life saving skill and therefore all our trainings cover it. The extent of the additional first aid skills covered depends on the first aid training you sign up for.

Are you ready to learn CPR & First Aid?

Our trainings are accessible via online, in-house or on-site means. Call us on 081773217161, find our contact details here or you can click to find out more about online trainings here or all our first aid trainings here.

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